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Claim money from electricity, gas and water suppliers

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The ECA Business Energy team

Your business could be due refunds on utility bills

At these challenging times, thousands of businesses are entitled to claim money from electricity, gas and water suppliers.

As business energy specialists, we are aware that many companies are incorrectly charged by their utility suppliers.

We will check the correct tariffs, rebates and subsidies are being applied to your bills.

It’s also important to ensure meter readings and estimates are accurate and verified. You may be due money back, even if you use a bill validation service.

Our team of business energy specialists will work to identify and recover money owed to your business.

Forensic Energy Billing Audit

A comprehensive investigation into historical electricity, gas and water billings, to identify potential refunds or savings not normally found during the bill validation process.

Benefits of our comprehensive service include:

With 1 in 4 bills being incorrect, ongoing changes in legislation, complex data and charging structures, your business may have been charged incorrectly.

Our Forensic Audit includes all Electricity, Gas and Water billing data.

We will identify all cost recovery opportunities, ongoing savings and undercharges that would not be found in any normal invoice validation process.

Our approach

Process Diagram

Success for your business
Analysis of Forensic Energy Billing Audits has found:

There are no upfront costs associated with an audit. We work on a share of savings basis.

You will receive a detailed report, containing claims and liabilities, to inform your decision to pursue each supplier.

We have recovered over £10 million for our clients including:

Click below to read more about some of the most common, immediate savings we can make for your business including:

There is absolutely no risk to your business, as we work on a share of benefits basis. The only costs you incur would be a share of savings, or recoveries you receive.

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