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The ECA Business Energy team

Save time and money with our fully managed electricity, gas and water connection service.

We are pleased to offer quicker than industry average turnaround times, and our most competitive pricing.

Once connections are established, we can also arrange the supporting supply, and meter operator contracts.

Saving your business time and money.

Our comprehensive utility connections service includes electricity, gas and water connections.

Electricity Connections services include:

  • New electricity supplies (single or three phase) for existing or new build commercial properties
  • Service alterations to existing electric supplies, meter relocations and meter upgrades
  • Adding loads to existing services
  • Electricity substation upgrades and new installations
  • Upgrades from existing single phase supplies to new three phase supplies
  • Downgrades from HH to NHH metering
  • kVa capacity reviews (both increases and decreases)
  • Pre installation checks
  • Disconnections of  existing electric supplies, and removal of meter(s)
  • Temporary builders supplies for new and existing sites

We can provide full or indicative electricity connection quotes.

Our team can also obtain your meter mpan and serial numbers for new supplies.


Gas Connections services include:

  • New gas supplies required for existing or new build commercial property
  • Any increase to any existing gas supplies
  • Service alterations to existing gas supplies (moving your existing gas supply from one place to another)
  • Disconnections of existing gas supplies mains or services
  • Chatterbox installations
  • Decreasing gas supply and meters to reduce standing charge costs
  • Diversions of any existing gas mains or services that may run across your land

We can provide full or indicative gas connection quotes.

We can also obtain your meter numbers for new supplies.


Water Connections services include:

  • New water supplies required for existing or new build commercial property
  • Any increase to an existing water supply
  • Service alterations to existing water supplies
  • Disconnections of any existing water supplies mains or service removal
  • Temporary water supplies for new or existing sites

We can provide full or indicative water connection quotes.

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